“A pioneer is someone that is one of the first to enter a certain area, where he has to find his way without being able to make use of the experience of others”.

This concept was developed for Amsterdam Wereldboekenstad nd the Dutch Literature Week inspired by the theme Biographies.

Pioneers in thinking and ideas.  For example: Henry Thoreau, Belle van Zuylen, Ayn Rand, Antoine Saint-Exúpery, Lewis Carroll. They wrote about their own life, ideas and discoveries and by doing so liberated the way for others. Each discovered unknown roads in the world and in themselves.

The design consisted of ten portrait walls displaying the writers in silhouette, combined with a quote from their work. The last wall of the portrait gallery displayed a mirror with the question: What will your biography be like?  Visitors could respond, share, write, discuss. their views.

Adjacent to the portrait walls there were ten showcases about the writers, filled with objects inspired on their life.

Concept & organization: Carine Brinkman
Location: OBA Public Library www.oba.nl

2 March- 11 April 2011